Art is a way of expressing ourselves: it fills life with beauty, color, happiness and harmony. We have studied the different styles and eras of those art’s perceptions, in order to find the beauty and values that encouraged our passion for making timeless furniture.



It is the most complicated finishing but also the one that gets more elegant results. It consists in sanding and painting several times the cabinet’s surface. With a soft and completely smooth texture, it is really easy to clean, providing a modern look. With this finishing we can get any color (color charts RAL, NCS and Pantone), allowing us to combine furniture and woodwork with any other decorative elements.



This protective treatment consist in giving a layer of transparent varnish that, when dry, will leave a bright, insoluble and adherent film that will make your furniture last longer and catch less dust. You can use it on hardwood, dyed, painted or stained woods.



This technique is used especially for vintage styles since it consist in renewing the furniture giving it an aged appearance. Thus, painting seems to disappear from the surface leaving visible some pieces of the base of the timber.



with the use of dye, not traditional painting, since the aim is not to cover the wood but to change his tone leaving its natural base. This dye will be absorbed by the wood, but will not cover it in the outside as traditional painting does.



In this case, the special painting for wood covers completely its surface without seeing the real material. The result will depend on the type of painting and the quantity of layers provided.