about us

Ojemar international is among the leading companies in quality statewide. The company guarantees the quality of the production process , and customer service and customer service.


Each piece of furniture is produced according to traditional techniques and with exquisite care, using the most advanced technology in production systems and quality control.


From the selection of the best woods to final packaging , all our products are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers.


Ojemar International is among the national leading companies in quality. The company guarantees the quality of production process and customer service.

We combine the latest technology with traditional hand-craftsmanship to ensure a unique style, and a guarantee of a quality product. Ojemar International is a dynamic company that blend traditional art, craft innovation with advanced technologies and system management. This certifies that our company maintains and improves to the highest level the quality of the products and the customer service.